This Man Is the Iraqi Rambo and He's Singlehandedly Killed 1,500 ISIS Members

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Along with many other countries in the Middle East, the citizens of Iraq are fighting hard to keep ISIS out of their lives and out of their countries.

And though many brave men and women fight, this man, Abu Azrael, has become a hero in Iraq for his efforts in fighting ISIS. Heading up a militia hoping to keep the extremists at bay, he's reportedly killed 1,500 ISIS members and continues to take up arms to protect his country.

His legend has made him a hero in his country and countless Facebook fan pages have sprung up to celebrate his bravery.

Though we know him as the "Iraqi Rambo," he also bears an Arabic nickname that translates to "Angel of Death."

He's become something of a poster boy for the anti-extremist effort, often seen wielding axes and weaponry in intimidating fashion.

Though he often appears alone, he's a member of the Shi'ite militia the Imam Ali Brigade. He's also reportedly publicly warned ISIS while standing over enemies he's vanquished.

He said, "ISIS this will be your fate, we will cut you like shawarma."

I'm sure everyone fighting ISIS is feeling a lot better knowing this guy is on their side!

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