This Isn't Your Typical Apple Store

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Just for a day, an Apple Store showed off neither iPhones nor iPads but actual Apples.

A real apple store

To celebrate the launch of the seasonal harvest and to remind shoppers of its millennium birthday, London's Borough Market brought together the biggest ever collection of the nation’s favourite fruit in the exhibition of 1000 oldest, rarest and most loved British apple varieties.

The display, called a "Real Apple Store," was built in the style of an Apple retail store, including a glass storefront with a familiar-looking white logo.

The front window of the apple store

Each variety singled out for the vitrine displays and the plinths was accompanied by a short snippet of information about the species printed in black text on a white background, detailing its origin and history and explaining its flavour.

"This country’s love affair with the apple is no secret - we have been eating apples for centuries," David Matchett, market development manager at Borough Market, wrote in a statement. "However, there are some varieties under threat and we risk losing the diversity of this delicious fruit."

 The installation displayed 1000 different apples

Of course, Borough market is not the first to mimic the stores of Apple - Somersby Apple Cider having made this parody of the in-store experience and surrounding fandom over a year ago.

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