This Is What Real Women Would Look Like in Top Fashion Ads

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Looking at a fashion ad, you might think that nobody looks like that. And in some cases, you’re probably right. 

But one woman is on a brave and equally funny quest to show just what it would look like if the average woman replaced top models in campaigns.

In her Spoof series, French fashion photographer and journalist Nathalie Croquet recreates famous fashion and beauty editorials—and yup, she nailed every one. 

The photo series shows the writer posing as Kate Moss (in an Eleven Paris ad), Penélope Cruz (in a Lancôme beauty ad), Gisele Bündchen(in a Sonia Rykiel ad) and Natalia Vodianova (in a makeup-heavy Etam ad), among others.

The former photo editor went the whole nine yards with this, down to every last little detail, like the orange nail color in the Etam ad and the blood-colored lipstick in Givenchy. 

She's even got the models' facial expressions down pat, from the Zoolander type gaze to the seductive stare and everything in between. Who says fashion has to be serious?

Let's take a look at Nathalie Croquet's best creations from her Spoof series below. 

Eleven Paris

Paule Ka



Sonia Rykiel

Isabel Marant

Acne Studios

As for the meaning behind Croquet’s work? 

“Women, consumption, retouching, cosmetics, aging, beauty, those all come to mind, but truly those issues are up for debate,” she told Buzzfeed. 

“I feel people need a more spiritual approach to life, and good fun,” she said. “I’m happy to give them that, even if I’m just making fun of myself.”

Hopefully this is just the beginning of the amazingness, because we need more of this in our life.

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