This Is What Nicolas Cage Looks Like as Every "Game of Thrones" Character

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Round up your dragons, pack up your wooden chests and go home. 

We've finally found the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, the true Protector of the Realm, and he's been in front of us all along: Nicolas Cage.

Oh, you don't believe us, do you? Just take a look at Redditor CarlosDanger100's epic contribution to Westeros: Cage of Thrones. 

The user took the time to Photoshop the actor’s face onto the bodies of 30 different “Game of Thrones” characters — making your day 30 times better than it was before.

The best part is that CarlosDanger100 managed to capture the perfect Cage expressions for each character.

Nic Cage with Jon Snow’s luscious locks? Done. 

Nic Cage channeling Cersei’s judgmental glare? Pour some wine; that’s done too.

Personally, we think he makes a dashing Margaery Tyrell.

If you’re still smarting from that brutal season finale, let these photos take you to a world where no one is dead because everyone is Nicolas Cage. 

Here’s a sampling; you can check out the full collection over at Imgur.

Good luck getting these photos out of your nightmares tonight!

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