This Hipster Barbie Instagram Account Is Much Better Than Yours

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Sometimes, it seems like the purpose of Instagram is to make you feel crappier about your lives.

Hipster Barbie, also known as Socality Barbie, is taking Instagram by storm thanks to her super deep travel shots.

With her fabulously messy hair and trendy jacket, she is the cool girl you love to hate. Her Instagram account annoyingly describes her as an "adventurer" and "coffee-driner," dedicated to "Authentic Living."

Her impeccable taste in the latest in hipster fashion...

And her #inspiring messages. "Be Real. Be Unique. Be Authentic. Be Humble."

And artfully holding her artisanal ice cream in front of the shop sign.

The mastermind behind the account is an Oregon wedding photographer who said that she wants to remain anonymous.

Hey, no one is perfect. Except Barbie.

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