This Guy Add Monsters to Everyday Life to Make It More Fun

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Jasper St. Aubyn West is a 32-year-old artist based out of Adelaide, Australia.

Recently, he has been playfully adding illustrations of monsters to pictures of everyday situations.

The illustrator and animator, who goes by the name Tail Jar, has been working professionally for 10 years.

To make each photo "monsterized," Tail Jar takes a picture, uploads it to his iPad, and uses his Apple pencil to add the art.

He added that he does each sketch as quickly as possible, and draws the first idea that comes to mind, never trying to overthink things.

The results so far are as uniqued and varied as the places they are taken in.

Tail Jar posts most of his work to his Instagram page. The photos have resonated with a lot of people and are getting hundreds of likes.

Tail Jar said for now he plans to work on other projects, but will continue adding an odd monster here and there for Instagram.

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