This Gundam and Marvel Superhero Mashup is What We Have Long Expected

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By and large, people outside Japan can’t fully understand how big Mobile Suit Gundam is.

In some ways, it’s a cultural equivalent to American superheroes.

Jump to today, and both Marvel and Gundam are going strong in their respective home countries, and now one artist has melded the two.

Aburaya Tonbi created mashups of Marvel’s superheroes in the style of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Spider-Man keeps his slim figure for increased mobility and speed.

Cap still looks extremely patriotic and guess what kind of damage his shield does now.

Tony Stark won't care about how much this upgrade cost, since he’s a billionaire.

Gerbera Black Widow is ready to put the sting on other robots.

Gelgoog Marine Hawkeye looks like he is still bringing a bow to a fight with super-advanced technology.

Mighty Thor becomes even mightier with the edition of tons and tons of metal.

This huge green machine is still smashing all those who get in his way.

Ant Man and Wasp are a deadly and dynamic mini-Gundam duo.

And we thought Professor X was dangerous with just his telepathy…

Magneto looks a bit like Onslaught here, but don’t tell him we said that.

Wolverine keeps his claws and iconic colors, but will he still have super healing?

Deadpool’s Kapool “DeadKapool” already knows that you love him.

Whether you’re an Gundam fans, Avengers fan, an X-men fan, or a fan of any of Marvel’s other iconic characters, there’s something for you.

(source: rocketnews)

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