This Girl Did A Face Swap With Her Friend’s Boob And It’s as Great as You’d Imagin

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Thanks to serious and important advancements in modern technology, face-swapping has gone from a tool only Photoshop wizards could use to an everyday feature on any smartphone.

But you don't really need two faces in order to face swap, just something that resembles a face — like a boob with facial features drawn around it — will do. 

This is literally just a video of two women hanging out, having a great time, face-swapping with a boob.

Like, it’s literally just a face-swap, but it’s so damn funny because instead of a face it’s a boob???

Here, I’ve broken it down for you:

If you don’t think this is funny then I’m sorry and I welcome you to roast me in the comments, but seriously:

Have a great day.


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