This Female Condom Claims 100% Orgasm Every Time

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Believe it or not, a condom-making company say they have created a rubber that people will prefer to use even more than not using one at all.

The new condom, called the VA w.o.w, has a heart or star-shaped vibrating sleeve which allegedly can bring a woman to orgasm during sex.

And the company, IXu LLC, are making some big claims and say the sleeve stops the condom slipping too far into the vagina and can be put on up to 8 hours before sex.

Pink frame white sponge condom
It carried out a survey of the new condoms on 50 couples and found that 70 per cent of women had an orgasm the first time they used VA w.o.w. By the second use that figure had risen to 84% and by the fourth time 100% had experienced an orgasm.

Red heart ring condom
A spokesperson has even apparently said the company wants to connect their condoms to smartphones and control them remotely. Because an orgasm during an important business meeting is just what you need...

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