This Delightfully Strange Festival in Japan Sees All People Cosplaying Cats

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The bakeneko is one of the many, many special Japanese festival.

For centuries, Japanese people suspected that cats held mystical powers. Even today, some elderly Japanese folks still harbor superstitions about cats.

Before you ask, we’re going to this festival which is dedicated to bakeneko celebration and cosplay!

The Kagurazaka Bakeneko Festival appears to be an annual get-together of bakeneko enthusiasts, who dress up as all manner of bipedal, clothes-wearing bakeneko to celebrate the monstrous animals of folk tales.

There are essentially no dress-code or attendance requirements at the Bakeneko Festival.

Attendees can be any age, gender or nationality and can dress as any type of cat, from the Japanese-flavored bakeneko, to more western-influenced kitty creatures, like the Cheshire Cat.

Before 2015, the Bakeneko Festival was just a parade, but organizers decided to pull out all the stops and turn it into a full-on, all-day affair this year.

The festival is open to all comers, so if you’re in town this year on October 18, be sure to stop by — but don’t forget your whiskers.

(source: rocketnews)

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