This Collarbone Challenge Has Gone Wild on Chinese Social Media

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A new social media challenge has emerged in China to carry on the trend of people flaunting good figures in quirky ways.

Thousands of web users are uploading selfies this week to show how many coins they can hold with their collarbones.

The trending topic has amassed more than 34 million hits on Weibo since it appeared on June 16.

The challenge post claims that the more coins you hold, the better your figure is.

And coins must be kept standing up as much as possible.

In the photos, it’s common to see skinny women holding around 20 coins on a single collarbone.

Some participants have given the challenge a funny spin.

They are pictured holding unexpected objects, from mobile phones, eggs to flasks, with the base of their necks.

The unusual test came just a week after the country went wild at the ‘belly button challenge’, a trend that sees more than 300 million people touching their navels from around the back to prove they have good bodies.

How many coins can you carry on?

(source: dailiymail)

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