This American Girl Is Claiming to Have The World's Longest Legs

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Apparently, having the world's longest legs is a pretty big deal.

A 22-year-old from California believes she has the longest legs in America - and while she is busy building a career as a model, she has been turned down by some agencies for being too tall.

At 6'5" tall, Chase Kennedy's legs measure 51 inches. The leggy beauty was nicknamed "legs" and "giraffe" in school, but says that her assets have helped her excel in sports.

"I am proud of my legs," Kennedy told the media. "I wouldn't want anything different."

However, shopping for clothes can also be difficult. She explained: "Buying clothes is a challenge because of my legs are so long.

"So if I was to try on shorts that would be a normal length on someone else, thy would look like short shots or underwear on me. So skirts and dresses are all a little bit of a struggle."

Embrace the heights your legs provide, Ken.

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