This 23-Year-Old Woman Found Stranger Online Who Looks Like Her Identical Twin

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If more than one friend said that someone looked exactly like you, how intrigued would you really be?

For 23-year-old Amanda Fisher, she was more than just a little curious to find out who her look-alike was.

It started after Amanda’s friend told her noticed a girl on Instagram who looked exactly like her.

While skeptical at first, when Amanda’s friends began sending her more pictures of her doppelganger, she couldn’t believe the uncanny resemblance.

From the hair length to bone structure, each girl's appearance was incredibly similar. 

After she began freaking out, Amanda decided to try and contact her “twin” but was unsuccessful. 

So she did the normal thing to do: asked the Internet to help her out a bit by posting a picture of her and her twin, side by side on Imgur.

"I have a feeling she uses imgur judging by the pictures she has posted," Fisher wrote on the social media site. "I'm hoping she will see this so she can be just as weirded out as me!"

Luckily, Fisher got someone who actually knew the woman in the photo and identified her as 22-year-old Meredith Pond from Indiana.

Amanda finally got in contact with Meredith through Facebook and have a conversation. 

There are no immediate plans to meet up, but Fisher said she would like to in the future.

This story kinda makes me wish I could meet my doppelganger. Sure, like Amanda, I’d be pretty freaked out but, how cool would it be to have a twin?

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