These Hot Women Tear Themselves Apart in Mind-Blowing Body Art

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Proof that art doesn’t have to be pretty.

Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque is a 29-year-old artist from Santiago de Chile, who puts his artistic skills to seriously creepy but cool use creating incredible body art that looks like the subject is tearing her body apart.

Other striking pictures show a women escaping from her own body, as well as monster appearing to emerge from a woman's back.

The artist uses detailed body-painting techniques to create the optical illusions, matching the background to white paint used on the body to make it look like sections are missing and flesh is being ripped.

There’s also some clever photography tricks involved. When the final photos are taken, the illusion is complete.

Jeampiere said the unusual series of work came to him on 'the spur of the moment' while he was working in his studio in Santiago de Chile.

“The girl cut in two occurred to me when I was about to paint,” he said. “I started without any real plan of what I wanted to create. It was a momentary thought that sparked the idea.”

“ It is important to be real and true to yourself, and in doing so be free,” he added.

Jeampiere came from a background of hardship and poverty before following his dreams of becoming an artist.

Although many people are shocked when they first see his artwork, Jeampiere said the overwhelming feedback he's received has been positive.  

“People who see this work are initially shocked but love the idea, it causes a real visual impact.”

Just IMAGINE what he could do with some make-up and a contouring brush.

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