These Celebrities All Look A Little Different in Real Life

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We're all guilty of putting an Instagram filter or two on our pictures from time to time to try and make ourselves look better.

But would you go so far as to slim yourself down in a picture? Well, some celebrities seem to be.

From supermodel Miranda Kerr to pop princess Britney Spears it appears some of our favourite stars have been using photo editing tools to make themselves appear thinner.

Miranda Kerr

Of course, people like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are no strangers to being accused of altering their photographs.

When singer Beyonce posted photographs of her summer holiday to Instagram last year she was accused of slimming down both her waist and legs. 

And when Kim took a trip to the Versace house last year the picture she posted to the social networking site made her look thinner than those taken of her by the photographers waiting outside. 

They say the camera never lies, but some seem to be telling a few fibs. Here are some more stars that might have been given a helping hand.  

Are celebrities like Lauren Goodger slimming down their social media photographs? The reality star certainly looked smoother in her holiday Instagram snaps.

These two photos were taken just two days apart whilst Charlotte holidayed in Perth in February, in the picture on the left she looks rounder than she does in her Instagram snap on the right.

Holly Hagan has lost a lot of weight over the last year, however, she looked like her waist was slimmer in this picture posted to Instagram (right) around the same time that she attended the NTAs (left).

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