These 3D Gifs Will Turn Your Brain Inside Out

12464 People Viewed - about 45 months ago Life

We have news for you: The GIFs of old are dead. Like, really, really dead.

They've been killed by the unequivocal coolness of split-depth GIFs -- optical illusion creations that use white space as a reference point to create mind-boggling depth within GIF animations. No 3D glasses necessary.

Of course, not all sources are created equal, and finding the right GIF or video source can be a pain...but when it's done well, it looks fantastic.

Plus, it's actually not that complicated of a task. The only tools one would really need is Photoshop and some patience: going frame-by-frame and painting over the bars or video can be incredibly time-consuming, but once the picture is done, the result is epic.

Please accept our apologies in advance for melting your brain.

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