There's Something Very Strange About These Pictures of Women - Can You Spot It Yet?

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At first glance, you might not think there's anything particularly unusual about these photographs of women.

But look a little closer and you'll see they are in fact paintings.

The mastermind behind the fantastic pieces of work is Philipp Weber – a hyper-realistic artist from Kassel, Germany.

Philipp, 41, begins his art work with a styled photoshop and then spends months trying to recreate every detail with a paint brush.

The first layer forms the basis and then he builds on the layers, until the overall form becomes visible and "the desired intensity and intimacy is reached".

This creative process can take months - sometimes up to a year.

"Some people can't believe, that everything really is painted. They think, I've over-painted a photo with my oil colours,” Philipp said.

"It's about the second level. It's about what lies beneath the uncertain surface. Hyper-realism for me is not only the maximum of details, but much more the maximum of feeling."

Completed paintings sell for between £14,000-£21,000, if you want to get your hands on some.

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