The World‘s Sexiest Dwarf Has Been Found, Introducing Karina Lemos

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THIS 4-foot-3 Brazilian stunner is living proof that good things come in small packages.

Super-glamorous Karina Lemos, a Brazilian actress, has been attracting fans from all over the world, reeling in over 35,000 Instagram followers, and for one reason: She's 4-foot-3, and she's known as the "world's sexiest dwarf."

Lemos has peaked the interest of thousands of people by posting revealing pictures of herself on her Instagram. 

Besides appearing on TV in Brazil, Lemos caused a storm when a video showed her gyrating in a pool and doing the "Gangnam Style" dance. Oh, and that was while a male dwarf touched himself very inappropriately.

And she’s not exactly short on confidence, saying she’s proud of who she is — particularly her stature.

“I don’t have hang-ups about my size, quite the opposite,” Lemos said. “I put in a lot of hard work to stay in shape.”

“I know that people find me attractive, because they have told me many times,” she quipped.

Men across the globe seem to agree that she’s succeeding. One even wrote: "Will You Marry Me?"

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