The Most Beautiful Teacher in Korea Works at an All-Boys School

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These shots of a teacher at an all-boys school in Korea have been setting more than just her students’ hearts racing now。

Apparently Nayeong Lee was an ulzzang while she attended university, and even made it to the preliminaries of the Miss Korea beauty contest.

It seems that afterwards she put her degree to use as a teacher, which we’re sure her students are thankful for.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this Korean phenomenon before, the term ulzzang (literally “best face”) is used to describe a good-looking man or woman who gains popularity for their looks, particularly through the internet.

They’re known for having a very specific style and for coming under fire for Photoshopping the heck out of their photos.

However, judging by these candid snaps, Lee is a beauty even without the power of Photoshop.

She certainly has the posture of a beauty queen.

In class as well as in more casual clothes。

Her students seem eager to get a pic with her.

Those legs go on for miles!

Both smart and beautiful, Nayeong Lee is making headlines both online and offline, and is viewed as the most beautiful teacher in the entirety of Korea.


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