The Internet Just Can't Stop Photoshopping Mr. Bean Into Famous Paintings

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Ever wanted to see Mr. Bean accidentally get his portrait painted by a classic master? Of course you have.

Thanks to Rodney Pike, a caricature artist and Photoshop master, British comic actor Rowan Atkinson, famed for his character Mr. Bean, into about a dozen historical portraits.

He took some of history’s most famous portraits and jazzed them up by replacing the original subjects’ faces with those of Atkinson’s unforgettable characters.

Mr. Bean has managed to appear amongst the brush strokes of Gilbert Stuart, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Hans Holbein, and even that one painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

And thanks to Rodney Pike’s exceptional skills with Photoshop, it looks like Mr. Bean was truly meant to be there.

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