The First Real Pair of Self-Lacing Nikes Are Sent to None Other Than Marty McFly

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The future is real, and it's happening right before you eyes.

Yeah, Marty McFly's self-lacing Nikes from "Back To The Future" might finally be a real thing. Like an actual real thing. And it's called Nike Air Mag.

"Back To The Future" made numerous predictions of what the future would be like. Hoverboards aren't quite in commercial use yet, but thanks to Nike self-lacing sneakers have arrived.

Well, they also sent Marty McFly a letter.

This isn't the first time for the Nike Air Mag. In 2011, the company released 1,510 pairs of a sneaker based on the futuristic BTTF 2 prototype - no power laces, but otherwise pretty similar.

This time around there's now a hidden powered mechanism that automatically cinches the sneaker's laces tight once you've inserted your feet.

The self-lacing Air Mags will not be the only pair either, they'll be released in spring 2016.

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