Teen Whose Neck Hangs at 180-Degree Angle Gets Life-Changing Surgery

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A 13-year-old schoolboy struck with a rare condition which forced him to live with his head hanging to one side has had his life transformed following a major operation.

Mahendra Ahirwar's neck muscles are so weak his head hung at a 180-degree angle, leaving him requiring help to carry out basic day-to-day tasks.

And the world was shocked when images of how his condition have an impact on his life emerged.

His story compelled a complete stranger, Julie Jones, from Liverpool, to help raise £12,000 for the operation - and the operation has been a huge success.

His dad Mukesh said: "It's a miracle. He looks great. His neck is straight; and his life is so very different.

"When his neck was bent he was too shy to speak but now he feels like a normal person and we can see his confidence levels growing. He is very happy now."

Thanks to the operation being a success, Mahendra can now go to school - alongside his siblings Surendra, 11, and 14-year-old Manisha.

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