Taiwanese Couple Hilariously Parodies #Followmeto Couple

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Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend turned their love for travel into a photo journal that went viral and sparked the now famous #followmeto meme, featuring stunning hand-holding photos in front of famous sites around the globe.

In April, Osmann finally followed his wife Natalia Zakharova to Taiwan.

And it inspired one Taiwanese couple to take some pictures of their own travels. See for yourself:

Instead of recreating the hand-holding pose of their romantic predecessors however, Agnes can be see dragging Forrest around by his nostrils, hair and ears.

Within a day of going up, Lu's and Chien's pics were shared more than 34,000 times and received over 121,000 likes.

Several Facebook commenters have praised the couple for their hilarity and lighthearted take on relationships.

The next time your girlfriend suggests going on holiday, just be warned: it could get painful!

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