Subway Ads Hacked by Berlin Artist Look Creepy

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For a look at hell, one need travel no farther than Berlin.

Subway advertisements hacked lool creepy

Subway advertisements that popped up there recently seem torn from Beelzebub's damnable flames, featuring faces melted and twisted into ghastly human simulacrums.

And that's kind of what happened to these billboards. They started out as innocuous paper but fell prey to Vermibus, a local artist with a dark mind.

On an ad-busting trip during this month's Berlin Fashion Week, Veremibus went out and collected several advertisements from the Rosenthaler Platz U-bahn station.

These he took back to his place and styled them with a brush and corrosive liquid, turning the models into hollow-eyed, unrecognizable nightmare-creatures. Then installed them in another city.

The bio on the artist's website explains the purpose of his unique project:

"By using the advertising space and how the human figures are represented in that space, Vermibus is removing the masks that we wear and is criticizing advertisement which takes away a person’s identity to replace it by the one of the brand."

To read more about the project and to see more of Vermibus' work, watch the video below。

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