Suarez Sent Englanders Home Though Rooney Scored His First Goal in World Cup

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Wayne Rooney scored his first goal in world cuo in the match against Uraguay

England congratulated themselves on Spain taking the lead in getting eliminated days ago.But it did not take too long for them to get on the same boat back home,after losing to Uruguay 1-2.

It was an uphill battle for both teams.Suffering a disappointing loss in the openning match,Tabarez made a huge adjustment in the starting lineup,playing his biggest and the only card which could ultimately change the match.Contrarily,Hodgson  countered changes with changelessness,except for putting Rooney to where he belonged.

Englanders stayed as offensive as they were facing Italy,crossing and dribbling in Ashley Young style.And Uruguayans's devoted themselves to defense and counterattack,placing only one sharp knife in front,but enough tear their opponent apart.Let alone the man behind Suarez could pass and tackle,unlike Sturidge who had ony one button on his joystick.

A typical ghostlike positioning and precise finishing of Suarez occured before half time.Center Backs were not to blame as no one on the earth knows more about them than this man.In response to that Hodgson sent a drozen shock worker to the ground,trying to find a key to open the door.

Luis Suarez took advantage of Steve Gerrard's turnover and kicked England out of World Cup 2014

What's comin' will come,and we'll meet it when it does.Rooney scored his very first goal in the World Cup,a terrific low cross pass from Glen Johnson.But that's not the point.Steven Gerrard catched the long pass from goalkeeper Muslera and subconsciously bounced it off to his comrade-in-arms,making him the only man to have a five-minute highlight of passback.Suarez generously gave the ball back to England,they just had to kick it from the midfield...

Finally Hodgson realized there was a Ricky Lambert on the bench,then he made a prompt decision to give Liverpool striker 5 minutes to save the world.An impossible mission for a canner.

So they lost again.Under which condition could England qualify from the group?A kiss to Baloteli from the queen?

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