Stunning Or Gross? This Artist Explores Some Unpleasant Realities of Womanhood

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It’s a widely-told tale that it takes a great amount of discomfort to bring about change. 

Talented Taiwanese photographer, Yung Cheng Lin, known more commonly as "3cm," has created a powerful photo series all about womanhood, in a thought-provoking look at what it is like growing up and learning to love your body.

Cheng Lin depicts a number of realities in the progression of womanhood - many of which aren't publicly discussed because of how they're stigmatized or quieted. 

Things like physical maturation...



And upholding constant and overbearing beauty standards.

Her style and technique may be a bit provocative, but if you think these images are at all gross or revolting, then Cheng Lin has only succeeded in her goal for the series...

Which is to remind us that this is precisely how some young women see themselves - gross and revolting - as they navigate through womanhood and its many natural challenges.

That being said, don't add to the noise with negativity and disparagement.

If you don't have something encouraging to say to women around these issues, then make the wise, and kind choice withholding your opinion.

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