Star Wars Artist Shows the Secret Life of Stormtroopers in an Incredible Way

3252 People Viewed - about 33 months ago

Darryll Jones, a conceptual artist living in the UK, has spent the last six years taking stunning photos of his Star Wars figurine, Eric the Stormtrooper.

Jones' side project, "Have You Seen Eric", took social media by storm and has seen Eric's popularity grow considerably.

When it comes to working with a figurine, it might just be a little easier than shooting real life humans.

Eric goes everywhere, from delicious-looking food shoots...

... to incredible landscapes...

... and countless adventures only limited by Jones' imagination.

But will the Star Wars film revival have an impact on Eric's life?

"There may be a few elements coming into Eric's story, but I really like to keep it simple," Jones says. "It's just about Eric, an unlucky little fellow trying to figure out his life."

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