Spanish Celebrates Christmas in a Pooping Way

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Christmas is a world of best wishes expressed with a variety of traditions. And Spanish Christmas tradition is absolutely one of the weirdest.

Barack Obama celebrates Christmas in Spanish traditional
Yeah, this is Barack Obama, crouched with his pants around his ankles, bottom unashamedly bared to the world, depicted in the act of defecation.

It’s not just the US president caught in one of the most private of moments
It’s not just the US president caught in one of the most private of moments.

Everyone from Michael Jackson and Madonna to Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth has been immortalized as little pooping ceramic figurines thanks to an odd centuries-old Spanish Christmas tradition.

How did this weird tradition come?

It dates back to the 1700s, when a peasant farmer version of the squatting statues began popping up in Christmas nativity scenes across the region of Catalonia, alongside the usual reverent medley of wise men, shepherds and baby Jesus.

He was christened “El Caganer,” which translates most politely as “the defecator.

The neat pile of poop beneath him is considered a sign of fertility and good fortune.

Although debate continues as to exactly why, one theory dating back to the 18th century explains that peasant farmers who couldn’t afford fertilizer fashioned a do-it-yourself approach to soil improvement, dropping their own fertilizer bombs across their fields each day.

Plentiful poop meant plentiful crops — and pretty soon the act became a good-luck charm in statue form.

Over time, the traditional peasant caganer — clad in a jaunty red Catalan cap — was joined by a host of celebrities, politicians and sports stars from Spain and abroad.

It has undoubtly become fashional

So, panish Christmas tradition may be a little bit weird, but it has undoubtly become fashional.

Obama joined the pool in 2008 after winning the US presidency and quickly became a best-seller. Among this year’s newbies are Che Guevara, Napoleon, Beethoven, Humphrey Bogart, Captain America and the Mario Brothers.

What's your favourite holiday tradition? Let us know in the comments below...

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