Sorry, Phone Battery, But Pokemon Go Is Here to Ruin You

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Ahead of its worldwide release, Pokemon Go quietly rolled out in Australia, and obviously we hopped on that vibe ASAP.

Using your GPS, the app allows you to interact with and catch Pokemon in the world around you, and it's pretty addictive.

The app integrates Pokemon into the world around you, which is visually cool. It also takes into account your location when generating the type of Pokemon you capture.

Naturally, people on Twitter went into nerd meltdown over the release.

There are plans to release a wristband accessory to assist in your quest to become the very best.

The Pokemon GO Plus will flash green and vibrate when Pokemon are nearby. After using the device to throw a PokeBall, it'll flash red to denote a failure or flash in a rainbow pattern for a success.

See you on the road, Poke pals.

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