Sexiest Beast Charmer: People Are Going Nuts Over This Hot Animal Doctor

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Meet California-based animal doctor Dr. Evan Antin who is just as cute as his patients.

After he started posting his photos on Instagram, many people started wondering if he's the hottest animal doctor alive. Soon, People's Magazine even named him the "Sexiest Beast Charmer."

Evan Antin now practices in Thousand Oaks, California but has spent years traveling the world to help animals in distress on six different continents.

Many won't be shocked to learn the 30-year-old has also worked as both a model and personal trainer. But don't show up to his clinic hoping to use your pet lizard to get a date.

"Off the market unfortunately, but she's a special girl so I'm really happy," said Antin, who is engaged.

Fans can catch his blog and Facebook posts nearly every day, though. The self-loving vet often posts pics of himself with adorable or exotic animals.

Is it me or did I just hear my dog coughing? Need an animal doctor right now.

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