Really Tall Guy Pretends He Got Drafted by The NBA, Has The Time of His Life

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All it takes to convince people that you were drafted by the NBA is to be really, really tall.

Standing at almost 7-feet-tall, Connor Toole is Elite Daily's Senior Humor Writer who wants to see what happens when a guy pretends he was drafted by the Utah Jazz. He used his height, suit and confidence to sneak into the NBA draft.

The best part is that Connor managed to catch the entire thing on video, so we get to see his epic New York City party. He embarked on a night of free drinks, selfies with fans and even girls' phone numbers.

Two women even flashed him on a New York City sidewalk. Toole went back to normal on Friday, tweeting; "I'd apologize to all the people that gave me shots last night but they got a fun story and I got drunk for free."

This tall guy just made it all look so easy.

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