Plus-Size Model Dropped for Being Too Curvy Wants to Change The Industry

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The fashion industry can be incredibly shallow about the size of their models.

Introducing Iskra Lawrence, the 25-year-old who was dropped by her agency because apparently her hips were too big. Although that, she was determined to embrace her curves and still enjoyed chocolate and pizza.

Now Iskra becomes a success in the industry, proving you don't need to be stick thin to be a great model. She doesn't diet, but she tries to eat healthily. She works out, but not to lose weight.

Iskra Lawrence has received positive feedback from her fans when she posts bikini photos on Instagram.

And she has even received feedback from young girls' parents. That's why she feels such a responsibility now.

Ten years from now, she says she'd like to speak at a TED Talk. "I want to create a lasting impression in the fashion industry," she said.

When not modeling, Iskra Lawrence is just a normal girl.

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