Please Note! 10 Types Of Shoujo Manga Heroines

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We just want to share our thoughts about the different types of Shoujo manga Heroines.

Here are 10 types of shoujo manga heroines.

1. Weak, Dumb, a Crybaby and Clumsy

We think everyone can say at least one heroine with this personality.We actually avoid this kind of Shoujo mangas because they really piss me off.

We don't mind if she's weak because i'm weak too but when the heroine gets hit by a ball, she needs someone to carry her to the infirmary like are you kidding me? You can walk.

And when they fall in love they are like"Ehh?  Why does my heart go Doki Doki?! Am I sick?" No honey, you are IN LOVE.


2. She’s the strongest, guys are scared of her, but then she falls in love and becomes weak and annoying

Everytime when we  start a Manga with this kind of heroine, we get happy because we think that we finally found a Shoujo Manga with an awesome heroine.

But then the guy shows up and we feel like we just got pranked.

Why can't she stay the way she was? Why does she have to change just because she fell in love?

3. The Gender-bender girl that pretends to be a boy

Alright we must admit that we like it when the heroine pretends to be a boy because when boys fall in love with her they're like

"I am gay?!" No you are Yagami.

Well anyway sometimes their reason to crossdress is very stupid. For example they go to an all boys school just because they want to meet their Idol.

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