People Are Rocking "Heart Hair" in This Adorable New Hair Trend

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We’ve seen a lot of beauty trends involving dyeing hair all sorts of crazy colors.

But now, people are loving a new hair craze that ditches the dye for creative cuts.

Hateu aapmuhri, or heart-bangs hair, is the hot new trend taking over South Korea’s style scene.

Tons of people are swapping out their boring bangs for some heart-shaped strands in the centers of their foreheads.

This sweet style, achieved with a curling iron, hairspray and an affinity for on-the-nose cuteness, is especially popular among some young women in Seoul’s fashionable Gangbuk District. 

Ever since this trend came into play, lots of people are posting photos of their adorable heart hairdos to social media.

Here’s just a brief sample of this new hairstyle floating around online:

And no, people are not wearing this hairstyle everyday.

It’s more of a let’s-see-what-it’s-like kind of thing, because it’s cute and interesting. 

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