People Are Grabbing Their Own Boobs From Their Behind Backs in This New Trend

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Leave it to the Chinese to come up with wacky trends. 

This year, they’ve managed to pull off some of the craziest trends that got the whole world joining in. Some of these trends include the Belly Button Challenge and the Collarbone Challege.

This time round, they adapted another silly movement that is similar to the Belly Button Challenge which involves touching your belly button from behind your back. 

But instead of touching your belly button, this time you have to touch your breasts.

The not-so-catchy "behind the back breast-grab challenge" is currently taking the nation by storms as thousands of women - and some men- attempt to show they are slim by touching their breast with the opposite hand.

The 'contestant' has to use the opposite arm to their breast, reach behind their own back and then grab hold of the bosom.

Images of different women attempting to grab themselves with varying degrees of success have been shared many times on social media.

Why are people doing this you ask? Apparently this is to prove your own fitness level and it is portrayed as a symbol of beauty. 

The idea is that if you can reach your breasts from behind, it means you have a good figure. If not, you probably need to lose weight.

Obviously, it’s ridiculous. But I guess it’s fun to ask around and challenge your friends to do it nonetheless!

Also, don’t act like you didn’t just tried doing it yourself. I know we all did it.

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