Oops! LeBron James Breaks Royal Protocol

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It looks like LeBron James got a little too friendly with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Hoops! NBA star LeBron James breaches royal etiquette by putting his arm around the Duchess of Cambridge.

The NBA star met Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton Monday night after the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Brooklyn Nets in New York.

Afterwards they posed with a sweaty James for a photo call that saw the hulking giant place his arm around the duchess.

Apparently, James broke royal protocol, because according to protocol in Britain, when meeting royals, you can’t touch or talk to them unless they touch or talk to you first.

Sorry, James, even though you’re known as “King James.”

In good spirits: The Duchess promptly burst into a fit of giggles, before brushing her hair back from her face as she attempted to regain her posture.

Kate, who is five months pregnant with the couple’s second child, seemed fine with the display, however. Shortly afterward, when William joked that his shoe size was "half the size" of LeBron's, she exploded in a "fit of giggles."

Sweaty: Mr James appears to be in need of another visit to the shower room - but the royals don't seem to mind as they joke about their respective shoe sizes.

The eyebrow-raising moment followed the royal couple meeting pop royalty Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z - and Prince William visiting the White House for a meeting with President Barack Obama.

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