New Bizarre Trend Is Squishing Babies' Faces to Look Like Japanese Rice Balls

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Who hasn't had to resist the urge to squeeze a new baby's adorable little chubby cheeks?

Well, welcome to your new favourite meme: Rice Ball Babies. A humble Japanese side dish has inspired parents to squash their babies' faces in a bizarre trend which is sweeping Instagram.

The rice balls, known as o-nigiri, can actually be formed into any shape. The snacks are flavoured with salt and rice vinegar and are hugely popular in Japan.

The trend was apparently started by one father Masahiro Ehara from Tokyo, who posted a series of pictures of his daughters' faces, squished to look like rice balls, over the summer.

And the hashtag #RiceBallBaby was born.

Parents all over the globe have been posting their own #RiceBallBabies, using their children's faces - although not all of their young subjects appear happy about it.

And even pet owners have been getting in on the craze too.

A gentle squish is all it takes.

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