New "Attack on Titan" Beauty Campaign Takes the Fight to A New Level of Scary

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On that day, humanity received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of unwanted body hair.

In a promotional tie-in that nobody expected (or likely wanted), the producers of the live-action adaptation of “Attack on Titan” have partnered with Esthétique TBC for “Attack on Beauty,” a campaign that targets not flesh-eating giants but rather unwanted body hair.

Yes, now you can see members of the Survey Corps taking their swords to unwanted body hair, thanks to TBC.

Well, the advertisement for Men’s TBC isn’t too bad:

The ladies’ TBC underarm ad gets a little weird:

But things go haywire in the ladies’ intimate area advertisement. 

The giant lady is wearing steam panties and the guy going in to fix her hair issue is really on the, well, attack. 

The image is a metaphor for removing body hair. It’s literally a picture of a guy with two swords about to strike a giant woman in the crotch.

This new beauty campaign has already started and fans can avail of it only until 4 September.

After that, we’ll have to fight the hairy war on our own, at regular prices.

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