Move Over, Duck Face: "Fish Gape" Is the Hot New Trend for Selfies

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For a while, Instagram was filled with a seemingly endless amount of selfies that featured girls doing the signature duck face.

However, as we all know, Internet trends tend to come and go pretty quickly, so thankfully the duck face is totally out and now the fish gape is all the rage.

Now you’re probably wondering, what exactly is this fish-gape face we speak of?

Well, it’s basically the lazy person's Duck Face—you go halfway and just stop there. 

The result is a more loose-lipped, slightly toothy situation. It sounds weird, but trust that it's much more flattering, if not much trickier to master.

Actually all of the hot young celebs have been making the fish gape lately.

Hailee Steinfeld!


goin up on a tuesday

hailee steinfeld(@haileesteinfeld)发的照片 ·2015-06-9,18:26 PDT

Gigi Hadid


& that's a wrap.

Gigi Hadid(@gigihadid)发的照片 ·2015-06-23,23:29 PDT

Selena Gomez


Having the best trip. Europe I just love you.. hur did by @lonavigi -face did by @byjakebailey

Selena Gomez(@selenagomez)发的照片 ·2015-09-24,9:00 PDT

Shay Mitchell! 

They're all posting selfies that look like they stopped mid-sentence to take a super sexy picture and/or are about to take a bite of food.

Seriously, what happened to the good old days when all you had to do was say “cheese” and smile?

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