MMA Fighter Forced to Move Up A Weight Due to Size of Her Body

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A female MMA fighter has been forced to fight in a heavier division because of the size of her breasts.

Brye Anne Rusillo, who usually fights at 155lbs, was unable to drop down to 145lbs for her next fight against Paige Lian for the Aggressive Combat Championships title.

Russillo said, "I can't cut my breasts off and put them on the side, they weigh 12 pounds," while explaining how she went back and forth with her opponent on what weight they should fight at.

The MMA fighters finally agreed to fight at 150 and despite her heavy breasts, Rusillo is hoping to prove to critics that she's not just a pretty face.

Russillo still mentioned that she plans on making the drop to 135 for her next fight.

The fight will go ahead on October 3.

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