Miss Universe Vs. Miss World: 9 Facts and Comparisons

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Miss Colombia is now in control of our universe. Congratulations, Paulina Vega

We all know It’s not an easy task for a woman to become Miss Universe. Along with Miss World, Miss Universe is one of the two largest beauty pageants in the world in terms of the number of national-level competitions.

If you compare the Miss Universe vs. Miss World Beauty Pageants, you’ll find some differences between the the two most-watched beauty pageants in the world: 

1. The Owners

The Owners - Differences between Miss Universe and Miss World 

The Miss World competition is owned and managed by the Miss World Organization. Julia Morley (left) is its president.  

The Miss Universe pageant is run by the Miss Universe Organization, which is currently owned by business tycoon Donald Trump in a joint venture with broadcaster NBC. 

2. The Beginnings 

The Beginnings - Differences between Miss Universe and Miss World 

While the Miss Universe pageant was created in 1952 by clothing company Pacific Mills in the United States, Miss World was a brainchild of Englishman Eric Morley.  

Recognized as the longest running of the pageants, Morley began Miss World in 1951 to promote the latest swimwear at the time and to entice audiences into the Mecca dance halls, for which he worked. 

3. The First Winners  

The First Winners - Differences between Miss Universe and Miss World

Beauties from Scandinavian countries were the first winners.  

17-year-old Armi Kuusela of Finland (pictured left, being crowned by actress Piper Laurie) was named Miss Universe in 1952, while Kiki Håkansson (right, center) from Sweden took home the crown of first Miss World the previous year. 

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