Mexico Always Know What Weather Is Forecast Thanks to This Smoking Hot Woman

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This hot woman has sent Mexico - and now the rest of the internet - into a frenzy.

Introducing Yanet Garcia, weather woman for Televisa Monterrey in Mexico, who provides her own ray of sunshine, even if she's telling the country that it will pour down later that day.

Her good looks and figure-hugging dresses, always teemed with a pair of killer heels, are a hit with viewers. Fans just can't get enough of her YouTube videos which have been racking up thousands of views.

It could be that she is just a fantastic meteorologist, but there's a slim possibility it could be something else she has to offer.

She's been gaining more and more attention over the last month. Her following on Instagram has had a dramatic boost, reaching 30,000 followers.

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Is Yanet Garcia worth all the commotion?

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