Meet The Curvy Cuban Dubbed The New Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian will be quaking in her boots because Cuba have a curvy model taking the internet by storm.

Cuban bikini babe Kathy Ferreiro, 21, has been tipped to win the crown for having the curviest booty in America after sharing a bunch of bikini snaps on Twitter and Instagram.

The Miami-based Latina, who has already been dubbed the "Cuban Kim Kardashian" by the city's fashion crowd, is well known for strutting her stuff on the region's balmy beaches.

She denies her bum has been artificially altered or that photoshop has played any part in making her look quite so curvaceous. Absolutely, the great thing is her body is all natural and that's why she draws so much attention.

By day, the 21-year-old works as a distributor for a skin cosmetics firm, but by night she can be found partying and socialising around Miami's most fashionable night spots.

All Kathy needs now is a sex tape and she'll be golden.

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