Meet the 15 Year-old Girl Who Took Over the Chinese Internet

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15-year-old Li Enxi has taken over the Chinese internet in a way that believers in the aphorism "any publicity is good publicity" would heartily applaud.

The Weibo celebrity from Zhengzhou, Henan Province is the rather unsettling result of "full-body plastic surgery," and seems to spend her days uploading a steady stream of "sexy" photos and arguing with netizens, who have slammed her as a "plastic surgery failure".

Web users on the popular microblogging platform have also taken to calling her "snake spirit," an evil serpent in Chinese mythology capable of transforming into a beautiful woman with eerily white skin.

Many also saw her Barbie-like looks following the makeover as artificial and unreal, saying it gave her a "diabolical" and "heinous" image, and the air of a "demon".

In a grim reflection of the values of modern society, Li bit back by asking commenters,

"How many of the many you had people giving you perfume and driving you around in expensive cars when you were 15? Was there any market for you when you were 15?

If not then shut up, you're not qualified to insult me."

"You have to keep up with the times in today's society. You can't let yourself lose at the starting line," she wrote.

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