Meet Ko Hyojoo, Korean Sensation Who Tries Skateboarding and Dancing at the Same Time

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Think you are good at skateboarding or dancing? Try doing them both at the same time like Korean longboard sensation Hyojoo Ko.

The viral video shows the Korean longboard sensation skating through the streets of Seoul while effortlessly executing a fluid dance routine on the board.

Smiling and carefree with her long hair flowing in the breeze, Hyojoo shows off her light feet as she twirls and flicks the board around without ever slowing down.

Hyojoo makes frequent trips to Europe and Asia to film videos, promote skating equipment, and attend longboarding events.

She just returned from Berlin and Barcelona and has previously traveled to Taiwan, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Paris.

When she is not dancing her way across the globe, Hyojoo works in Seoul as a user interface designer for popular mobile messaging app Line.

Last year she was part of a team that won a Red Dot Award for communication design for Line's B612 selfie app.

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