Meet Beshine, the Woman With World's Largest Fake Boobs

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There are a lot of people out there who genuinely believe the phrase “Bigger is better” is a good philosophy to live by.

Those people have obviously never heard of Beshine.


Mayra Hills, professionally known as German adult model Beshine, boasts the world’s largest augmented breasts, with measurements of 59-28-36.

For those who like to deal in detail, that’s a bra size of 32Z, or the same as XXX cup. She has surgically enhanced breasts contain 10 litres of saline solution and weigh a whopping 9kg (20lb) each.

To put that kind of weight in perspective, walking around with breast implants like Hills’ is like carrying a 7-year-old on your chest or a five-gallon jug of water all day.

Since 2014, the German model has used the hash tag #WorldsBiggestBoobs and hopes that it will eventually start trending.

Whatever makes you happy, Beshine. By the way, the world's largest natural boobs are 48V.

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