Marvel Has Reportedly Found Its "Jessica Jones"

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Krysten Ritter is your latest superhero.

Marvel has reportedly cast Krysten Ritter in the starring role of their Netflix series titled Jessica Jones.

The “Don't Trust the B—in Apartment 23” alum will star in the straight-to-series comic book drama, “Jessica Jones.” However, Netflix, Marvel and Ritter have not commented on the reports.

The "Jessica Jones" drama is one of four shows centering on Marvel heroes that Netflix has picked up straight to series. The first, “Daredevil,” is expected to premiere in 2015, with Charlie Cox in the title role. The two other lesser-known Marvel heroes that will get shows are "Iron Fist" and "Luke Cage." The four series will culminate in a mini-series about “The Defenders.”

Jessica Jones(Krysten Ritter) and Luke Cage( Mike Colter)

Like “Daredevil,” Jessica Jones will run 13 episodes. And according to some reports, “The Good Wife” and “Ringer” veteran Mike Colter will play Luke Cage—in the comics Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are involved romantically.

Jessica Jones

Ritter will play Jessica Jones, the cynical, sardonic and tough-as-nails, but innately cool and sexy, title character. Jones is described as a retired superhero who attempts to give up the life of powers (she can fly, has a certain level of invulnerability and possess super strength) and spandex and works as a private eye.

Prior to giving up her life as a costumed crime-fighter, Jessica Jones was held prisoner and abused by the Purple Man.

Krysten Ritter in "Breaking Bad."

For Ritter, the role marks her first in the Marvel universe, following TV roles on “The Blacklist,” NBC's doomed “Mission Control” series, which was canceled before its premiere, as well as “Breaking Bad.”

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