Kim Kardashian's Hot Nude Desert Shoot Sparks Backlash For Using Heavy Photoshop

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Uh oh. Kim Kardashian may have some explaining to do.

You may remember this photo shoot from Kim, in which she covered herself in paint and posed nude in a desert. It appeared in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians a few months ago.

Well, she’s now posted the photo shoot on her website, and clearly she looks amazing.

Unfortunately for Kim, her artsy naked pics aren't feeling the love from everyone!

The obvious use of Photoshop has stans in a frenzy, with one particular shot feeling most of the heat.

If you need another comparison, again here is the photo that was shown during the E! broadcast of Kardashian's reality series and the final photoshopped photo:

Not surprisingly, people are not happy, especially because Kim framed the shoot as a fun way to remember her pre-pregnancy body and wrote about keeping it real and stopping for junk food right afterward.

We can all learn from Kim's mistakes. If you're going to doctor your nude body paint desert photoshoot, don't televise it on your family's reality show first.

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