Justin Bieber's VMAs Hair Is Seriously Different From Anything We've Ever Seen

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What exactly does Justin Bieber mean with his new hairdo?

The 21-year-old pop star showed up to Sunday's VMAs with his famous locks chopped in all different directions and dyed blond.

“I like the swoop,” host Miley Cyrus told the 21-year-old while opening the show. 

This is classic 80s surfer boy hair. Everyone had this hair at some point between 1986-1989.

It's a little hard to maintain but if your finger hair fluffing game is strong, you can do it. Looks like Justin's got it down:

The Biebs and his bold look performed his latest track "What Do You Mean?" for the first time during the star-studded show.

This was supposed to be his big return to the VMA stage, and everyone was really excited about it. Instead, we're all talking about whatever is happening on his head. 


The Internet has spoken, Justin. Don't do this again. 

Or do it again; whatever you want. You'll still make millions of dollars and have millions of fans falling all over you. You do you, Justin!

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