Justin Bieber Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

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Well, what do you think, Beliebers?

Justin Bieber

It wasn’t only Justin Bieber's voice that earned him legions of Beliebers, it was his hair and now he's only gone and dyed it - BRIGHT BLONDE. As 2014 comes to an end, Justin Bieber is going into 2015 with a whole new look.

After heading to the stylist, Justin, 20, has stepped out in Los Angeles and is clearly enjoying his new style. Before that, Bieber surprised fans last weekend by posting a new shirtless selfie revealing that he has officially dyed his hair platinum blonde:

Justin's new shirtless selfie 

A source has reported that Justin has chosen such a bold look because he's trying to "shake things up." And this change isn't as shocking as the first time he switched up his look. You remember what he used to look like, right? 

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